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7/2/24 Fiddlers Elbow  - Camden, London, UK

13/12/23 Hope & Anchor - Islington, London, UK

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'Yo Captain' Video from the 365 Radio Country 
Chart #1 Album 'Backwater'

The Snakeoil Rattlers debut album - 'Backwater'


The Snakeoil Rattlers release their debut studio album, 'Backwater' on 20th August 2021. The album is available on CD and digitally via Old Recipe Records on all streaming and download services.

Consisting of 12 tracks the album 'Backwater' is fuelled by tradition and about winners and losers and everyone in-between, on both sides of the law. Its strong narrative content fuses rock with bluegrass, country and blues. Opening with 'Fire in the Hole' the gripping story of a family running a meth lab, the album continues with several kindred tales ('Devil's in My Rearview', 'Grand-daddy's Gun', 'Bitter Town').

In his lyrics Warren tackles issues such as the duality of the South ('Dixieland', 'Lazarus') and explores faith and religion with the genre-crossing Southern gospel soul ('Preacher Road'). There are guitar-driven anthems too ('Road Tales', 'Yo Captain') or the beautifully poignant melodies in 'Slow Train to Georgia' and 'Sirens of the Highway' which wear their country-influenced heart on their sleeves. The album concludes with the grim realities of brotherly conflict in the album's epic title track, 'Blood's No Thicker Than Backwater'.

"We're very proud of 'Backwater'" the band shared. "The songs are written about a nation's constantly changing landscape steeped in the dark dogged customs of Southern Gothic literature. There's some love stories in there too, they just don't all have happy endings!" 

'Backwater' is instantly pertinent as a 21st century Americana/Southern Rock opera that reached #1 in the 365 Radio Americana Album Chart featuring the #2 single 'Devil's in My Rearview'   

"Absolute modern day classic. It's all great. I could play the album back-to-back. All killer no filler. Great tracks across the board."
— Stephen Lowin, Storm FM 

"Marvellous Stuff from the Marvellous album 'Backwater'"
— Mark Worden, Wordy's World, Hard Rock Hell Radio 

"If you like Southern country rock, authentic sounding whiskey driven rock you want to get to know them, definitely."
— Natasha Strange, Strange Country Show, Radio 365 

"One of the best records of 2022"
— Dan Raza, Spirit and Roots 

"I love 'Backwater' but I don't know how to improve on that. Sums it up really. As they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it."
— Paul Chamberlain, ARFM Radio 


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